The crazy, hectic and fun pageant week has finally commenced and I could not be more excited! This crazy, hectic week comprises of early mornings and late nights, all accompanied by a long hard day of work. Most of the time we are busy we forget to eat or simply do not have the time to. This is a reality for many people daily. Life appears to be a constant battle between health and time. Choosing to go to the gym or having a fitness routine is a decision that sacrifices your time and energy. Choosing fast take-out from Mcdonalds is a money and time-saving option, rather than cooking a wholesome meal. Many simply do not have the time or energy to invest in their health and well-being.  For many going to the gym or meal prepping is simply not an affordable option. Because of this is it so important to recognise and appreciate Clean-Eats!

Clean eats is a company that assembles healthy and delicious meals for you and delivers them to your doorstep! It is quick and super easy. Just pop the meal container in the microwave and you have a delicious and healthy meal prepared for you instantly! Clean meals have provided the Miss Teen delegates with lunch and dinner, the food gives me the needed energy to continue on with the pageant activities. The day was definitely a hectic and busy one, we did our official photo and video shoot, as well our interview round. For our shoot, we had the amazing Modern Makeup do our makeup and hair. For the shoot, I had a natural makeup look with volumized curly hair accompanying it. The shoots were followed by our interview round, the judging panel included this year’s Miss Supranational Alyssa Boston.

Written by: Arpita
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