With Miss Teen Canada less than 2 weeks away, I was hoping to change up my look in order to look distinct and my best for the pageant week. Through this, I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Carrie’L Salon & Spa!!

The spa is located in the heart of Edmonton Downtown, making it easily accessible. Carrie’L Salon & Spa offers a variety of service from internationally trained massage therapists, hair stylists and estheticians. The salon itself is super adorable and the staff is so incredibly kind and helpful.

My hair was done by the amazing Sinead, who has been colouring and styling hair for 6 years now! She worked wonders with my hair. She gave me a beautiful brown balayage, perfect for a fresh summer look. She used products that left my hair feeling nourished and soft. Later Sinead added some beautiful curls in my hair which complemented the look very well.


I spent yet another morning with Carrie’L Salon & Spa (can’t get enough of this place!) being pampered by their Esthetician Kerrie-Anne. In 2012, Kerrie-Anne went to Tokyo, Japan, and was one of 35  global beauty finalists in Shiseido’s International Global Beauty Consultant Contest. She is incredibly gifted in her craft and is such a sweet person! She gave my feet and hands some much-required love and attention by giving them a manicure and pedicure. She shaped my nails and moisturized them, prepping them for the pageant. My usually brittle nails definitely appear much healthier and stronger after the appointment. The appointment ended with a 20-minute teeth whitening session which left my teeth brighter than ever, giving me a picture-perfect smile!!

I 100% am in love with the service and the people of Carrie’L Salon & Spa. I know that I will definitely go back to them in the future whenever I decide to treat myself.

Check them out!!



Written by: Arpita
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