One of my favourite part about participating in Miss Teen Canada is that each contestant requires a social platform for which she wishes to raise awareness for. My platform is devoted towards raising awareness about mental health issues. My social platform is influenced by my own encounters with the negative stigmas associated with mental health issues, which are significantly prominent in Indian culture. As I was growing up, it was saddening to see that the adults around me would consider mental health as being unimportant or not a significant issue. The older I got the more I realize that these misconceptions are prevalent in every culture and has become a social norm. I wish to change these norms by educating children from a young age that mental health is the disease of the mind and it is just as prominent as physical health.

Due to my platform, I wanted to be apart of events that helped raise awareness for mental health issues. Because of this, I reached out to the event coordinators of the  Shoppers Drug Mart’s run for women and got the amazing opportunity to be apart of this event. The run helped raise money for mental health services and promoted the cause.

I spent the morning handing out bracelets to runners who passed the finish line. I was so blown away by the number of runners that showed up for the event. Hundreds upon hundreds had run that morning in order to raise awareness for mental health issues. I was so happy to be apart of such a great event. It was also my first public appearance as Miss Teenage Edmonton 2018, and everyone was so kind and supportive!

Written by: Arpita
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