Hey everyone! So because these days went by so quickly, I decided to write 1 blog post instead of 2 short ones!

sooo to start…

Day 6. Today consisted of long rehearsal hours and by the end my feet were numb & I could barely walk LOL. But hey, that just means I’m working hard right? 🙂 Anyways, after all the rehearsing I met up with my amazing hair and makeup team (Motives by Loren Ridinger) who gave me a flawless look for prelims! Preliminary’s consisted of swim suit walk and evening gown walk! The best part is…. no choreo! You get to decide how you’ll present yourself and what “routine” you want to do! The girls chosen from prelims become the Top 20 at finals on saturday night! All the girls were super helpful with putting on dresses, fixing hair & makeup and giving each other motivation talks when the nerves kicked in <3


Day 7. Today was so exciting! Once again, I started the day bright and early. After 5 long hours of rehearsals, I prepared myself for the Gala night. Tonight was the night where all the talent performers showed their routines and the remaining girls spoke about their platforms.  I decided to dance for my talent (of course) and decided to show my contemporary solo from this past year choreographed by Shelley Tookey! Wow this night was filled with emotions! Every performance moved me and I honestly got goose bumps and chills from all of them! The amount of talent in this group of delegates is unreal and I was so happy I got to share my passion. Also, tonight was the first night I got to see my mom! Spending a week without seeing her is so much harder than I thought it would be so I was excited  <3 <3

It is currently 3:15 am and neither Ariel or I can even think about sleeping until we are 100 percent sure we are prepared for finals tonight! The last day of this journey is about to begin and I’m honestly terrified but so eager for it! If you want to watch the live stream, follow my facebook page and the link will be posted soon 🙂 THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SO SUPPORTIVE THROUGH ALL OF THIS, WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW THANKFUL I AM <3 <3 <3




À la prochaine fois, 

xo Brianne.

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