Hey everyone! Day 5 is over and I’m so sad it is 🙁

TODAY I HAD SO MUCH FUN! We started the day with breakfast at Grenadier Cafe, then went back to the hotel for hours of rehearsals! We practiced our opening number, swim suit walk, as well as evening gown. By the end I couldn’t feel my feet hahahaha.

THEN IT WAS TIME FOR MEDIEVAL TIMES! Now let me tell you that this was by far my favorite event we’ve done! I absolutely loved it, it was so exciting!! AND our team (the red team) just so happened to win the dual between knights 😉

And ready for the best news… TOMORROW WE GET TO SLEEP IN. Breakfast is being served to our room at 9am! YAY SLEEP!!

Time for me to catch some zzz’a and hopefully get more than 4 hours of sleep hahaha! 🙂

À la prochaine fois,

xo Brianne.


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