Hey everyone, day 2 is officially over!

Whew! What a long day it was! On the agenda for today we had photoshoot, video shoot & the nerve racking interview!

My day started off at 7:30 when I was woken up by the dreaded “wake up call” and headed off to hair and makeup! Huge thankyou to Motives by Loren Ridinger for providing the gorgeous makeup and hairstyles! Absolutely loved it!







The photoshoot was first! Such a blast!! The photographer was super helpful and directed me to help find my best angles! Next was video shoot where I was asked 3 questions & answered in front of the camera! During the top 20, they play these videos while the delegates change and get ready for the next event! Final was interview! This was what I was stressing about all day. When in reality I didn’t even have to!! The judges were so kind and made you feel so welcome! It barely even felt like an interview, more of a conversation among friends!

To end the night I got my FIRST SPRAY TAN EVER! Thankyou to Golden Glamour Goddesess for this amazing sun kissed tan! I adore it!!

Well I believe it’s time for me to catch some zzz’s.

À la prochain fois,

Xo Brianne.

Written by: Brianne
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