The only thing that seems to be constant in my life is change. The ironic expression is an accurate depiction of 2018. This year has thus far been accompanied with discovery, growth, new people, new experiences and a new me. This year has irrevocably changed my life, and I could not be more grateful.

2017 was a whirlwind of a year for me. The past year was one of the worst but one I can never forget. It was filled with loss and uncertainty, I lost my true self and what made me happy. I felt a void in my life and a sense of isolation. However, as cliche as it may seem, it is true that some things must be broken in order to be healed. Such was true for me, come 2018 I was determined to revive my life and live it the best way possible.

This is how I was introduced to Miss Teenage Canada. The possibility of endless opportunities, of meeting new people and of seeking a once in a lifetime opportunity, inspired me to apply for Miss Teen. Honestly, I did not expect to get selected and did not think this dream of mine would actually become reality, so I am sure you can imagine my disbelief and excitement when I was chosen for Regionals to compete for Miss Teenage Alberta.

Regionals was amazing, I met so many amazing and driven women throughout the event. We were trained and prepped for our big show by Jane Gagne, who did an amazing job at transforming us into beauty queens in less than 2 days! The show was an amazing success filled with adrenaline, excitement, and even a little fear of tripping in my heels..

I instantly fell in love with pageantry and the art of celebrating the various forms of beauty and appreciating the diversity of it. Pageantry also teaches you a lot about self-confidence, leadership and stage presence, which are valuable life skills. I am so incredibly grateful to compete again in Nationals and will hopefully (fingers crossed!) continue on with Pageantry in the future. Thank you to all those who have supported me throughout my journey thus far, and I hope you all stick around for the remainder of it!

Written by: Arpita
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I love summer so much. Everything is so nice and beautiful, plus the Miss Teenage Canada 2017 pageant is almost here!
Our first blog assignment was to blog about your favourite place within your region. My favourite place in my region has got to be Drumheller!
The first time I went to Drumheller was when I was about 6 years old and it was the coolest thing ever! We went to The Royal Tyrrell Museum and I remember just how much I loved seeing all the huge figures of dinosaurs bones. It’s so crazy to believe these creatures were once alive.
The Hoodoos are one of my favourite sights in Drumheller, it is a natural area of giant red and orange rocks. We would climb them until we got tired and couldn’t climb up any higher. This recent spring we went to Drumheller and it was just as awesome as I remember.
Drumheller is a family friendly place that is fun , educating , and exciting!
After the drive from Edmonton, the first thing that will catch your eye is a giant statue of a T-Rex. It really frightened me when I was younger and first saw it. As you drive through the town there are statues of dinosaurs and every time I get so excited to see them all.
I used to wish that scientists would find a way to re-create the dinosaurs, but after watching Jurassic park I hope that never happens.
Drumheller will always be one of my favourite places to go. No matter how old you are, it will always be exciting.

Stay adventurous,
Miss Teenage Edmonton 2017

Written by: Lilah
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I want to give another HUGE thanks to Dr. Ramunè Sileikyte from Embrace Orthodontics for her generous donation so I can move forward into this wonderful journey!
Everyone who works there are all so kind and amazing. I have been a patient there for about 3 years and the results are amazing. Their motto is “Creating healthy beautiful smiles for life!” And it’s so true. They have transformed my smile! I absolutely love my smile now!😄

Just look at the results! (2014-2017)
It’s just astonishing the difference from then and now.
All of the staff have been so supportive on my journey towards Miss Teenage Canada. They are always so positive in wishing me good luck and giving me the smile I thought I would never have 🙂
Thank you so incredibly much,

Written by: Lilah
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Hello everyone!
Today I want to give a BIG thanks to Stolen Moments Photography! Candice and Dave, the photographers, have been sooo wonderful and kind to me! They have taken all my photos going towards this wonderful pageant!
I’m very grateful and wowed by all their amazing work and what they have done for me.
I want to thank them for all of their support on this one of a kind experience. I appreciate the opportunity to work with them!
Thank you so much,
Lilah 🙂
I suggest checking them out!

Written by: Lilah
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Hello everyone! My name is Lilah and I am honoured to be Miss Teenage Edmonton 2017!

To start off, here is a little about me:

I am 13 years old and I was born in Vancouver B.C. but moved when I was 4 to Calgary. I lived there for a few years, then Niagara Falls for a few and ended up living in the beautiful city of Edmonton:)! Moving from place to place has made me adaptable, outgoing, fun and kind. From all of the different provinces I’ve lived in, my favourite would have to be Alberta because it’s truly beautiful and has lots of opportunities for me.

I go to a wonderful school called Vimy Ridge Academy. They have lots of specialized sport programs like hockey, soccer, baseball, sportfit, elite and dance. I am in the dance program where I dance about 20 hours a week. In the dance program you do 2 types of ballet (R.A.D and Cecchetti), Jazz, lyrical, modern, and pointe. I’ve also done hip hop, acro, a little bit of tap and gymnastics. My favourite of those would have to be ballet because of its grace and beauty. My platform is ‘Dance through movement towards better health’. Dance is an excellent way to stay fit and prevent health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. I hope to help those with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s through dance. Dance is helping them regain the ability to move again, which is incredible!

I’m am so excited to see all of the girls again at nationals in Toronto august 7-13th, they’re all are so kind, amazing, and gorgeous people. I am ecstatic to compete for the title of miss teenage Canada 2017 but also being able to represent Alberta there too. And it’s such a great year for it as well, it’s Canada’s 150th birthday! WOO!
I want to give a big thank you to all those who made this possible for me, it’s like a dream come true. I can’t wait for August OMG!! THANK YOU EVERYONE! ❤️
Lots of love,

Written by: Lilah
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